We are a boutique travel design team founded by Amy Tan in 2002 to share her love of travel with family and friends.After over 15 years of matching people and experiences,Planet Hoppers has grown to an international community of over 1000 jet setting clients and elite network of travel design experts,seasoned guides and distinctive hoteliers.

Amy and her team know it takes more than secondary research and connections to make a trip truly unique.Having personallly traveled to over 70 countries ( and still counting)Amy has first-hand knowledge of many old favorite destinations and has already discovered new ones.Since the entire Planet Hoppers team also travels with similar passion,every client can expect a unique itinerary tailored to personal interests and purpose.


Planet Hoppers is a boutique travel agency founded in 2002, specializing in dream vacations, honeymoons, group trips, cruises, tours, destination weddings, and complex custom travel packages around the world. Travel is our passion, and we want to share it with you. 

Travel should be exciting, enriching, fun, relaxing, adventurous, and eye-opening.  Don’t let the frustration of planning prevent you from a trip of a lifetime. With firsthand knowledge of over 60 countries and over 15 years of experience, we can plan your travels with expert advice and ease.

Our mission is to create travel experiences so amazing that you will want to share them with your friends and family. Planet Hoppers has experienced tremendous growth exclusively through word of mouth. We’re confident you’ll be among our tremendous list of active repeat clients.



  • Honeymoon Destinations: Tahiti, Caribbean, Europe

  • Cultural Spots: Turkey, Italy, Thailand, Cuba, Egypt

  • Exotic Spots: Bali, South Africa, Myanmar, Iceland

  • Family Vacations: Hawaii, Cancun, Costa Rica, Italy

  • Cruise Lines: Seaborn, Disney, Celebrity

  • Cruise Itineraries: Mediterranean, Alaska, Norway

  • Thrills: shark feeding (Bahamas), 400ft bungee jumping (New Zealand), ziplining (Costa Rica)

  • Majestic Sights: Great Wall (China), Iguazu Falls (Argentina), sunrise over Macchu Picchu (Peru), Icebergs (Iceland)

  • Magical Moments: manta ray diving at night (Big Island), gondola ride (Venice)

  • Festivals: Water festival (Bangkok), Carnival (Rio de Janiero), Cherry Blossoms (Tokyo), New Years (Sydney)

Some of the weirdest foods she’s eaten

  • Live Sea Snails (Morocco)

  • Piranha (Amazon Rain Forest)  

  • Emu and Kangaroo Pizza (Australia)

  • Fried Grasshoppers (Thailand)  

  • Camel Stew (Egypt)

  • Balut (incubated duck egg in the Philippines)

  • Snake Soup (Taiwan)

  • Durian Ice Cream (Singapore)

  • Puffer Fish (Japan)

  • Alpaca (Peru)

  • Puffin & Shark (Iceland)

  • Tarantula (China)

  • Ant Larvae (Mexico)

  • Ostrich Steak (S. Africa)

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